The biggest german streaming service for free feature films (AVoD) Netzkino has broken the 1 million mark on its YouTube channel. With over 300 million film views and over 3000 feature films, it continues to grow as the favourite feature film channel on YouTube.

Netzkino breaks another benchmark: With over 1 million subscribers, the free streaming service is by far the largest and most popular feature film channel on YouTube in Europe. Over 1000 new users subscribe to YouTube channels belonging to Netzkino every single day. Within the space of just five months – in record time – 1,000 new film fans have found their way to Netzkino.

“We recognised the role that YouTube plays in the video market early on, and we get over 15 million video views per month on YouTube“, said Netzkino’s Managing Director, Hauk Markus. “We are delighted that our work and effort is valued by the subscribers and we celebrate the 1,000,000 subscribers mark as a huge step in terms of prominence and growth.“

One of the highlights is the family-friendly comedy „Der 16. Wunsch“ („16 Wishes“), which plays in the league of top videos on YouTube, containing almost 6 million film releases. With Daniel Craig in “Archangel – Die rote Verscwärung“ (“Archangel“), Jason Statham in “Revolver“ and Jamie Foxx in “Redemption – Früchte des Zorns“ (“Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story“), Netzkino’s movie highlights include numerous Hollywood titles.

The complete Netzkino program is also available on the website plus the Netzkino Apps, which can be found on almost every device (Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon, plus on all compatible Smart-TV devices). Users do not have to complete a paid subscription for access to the ad-funded film-streaming service, or even sign up.

The Netzkino brand and all associated channels belong to the Berlin-based Spotfilm Networx GmbH. In addition to Netzkino, other brands and channels operate under Spotfilm, such as Bronco (Westen Movies), Fabella (Filme für Frauen), Screamtime (Horror Movies) oder TemporaTV (Dokumentationen). With almost 40 channels, 8000 films, 400 million views and more than 1.5 million subscribers across all YouTube channels, Spotfilm dominates the ad-funded feature film VOD market, and has become the first stop for free films on the platform.

About Spotfilm Networx:

Spotfilm Networx GmbH is the leading free-streaming provider specializing in feature films (AVoD, Advertised VoD). With technically sophisticated apps on almost all types of devices and half a million app-downloads (iOS, Android, Windows, and FirePhone), plus with over 15 million film views every month, Netzkino has an attractive reach for the advertising industry. With the help of the self-developed technical infrastructure, which allows Netzkino to connect every advertising partner, the provider offers optimal advertising and marketing opportunities, thus representing an innovative, modern free-TV. The Netzkino YouTube channel from Spotfilm is, with 1,000,000 subscribers, the biggest and most famous feature film channel on the platform.

Founder and owner of Spotfilm Networx is the Media entrepreneur Dr. Peter von Ondarza.