With over 800 MM video views, 5 billion channel impressions and over 15,000 published films, Spotfilm Networx has developed into an AVoD channel network and one of the leading AVoD streaming providers in Germany. With over 20 ad-financed VoD channels for films, Spotfilm is also the world’s largest complete film network on YouTube. Especially the brand Netzkino has become the number 1 in Europe for free highlight films on YouTube. Netzkino has developed into a cross-platform streaming service that has successfully established itself as a major German provider in the feature film market with its model of advertising-financed streaming. Thanks to the close cooperation with almost all manufacturers and all relevant platforms, users can enjoy the free Netzkino app on almost any type of device.


Smart TV
The Netzkino Smart TV App is available on all relevant Smart TV devices from leading manufacturers. The Netzkino app can be downloaded to televisions and Blu-ray players from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic.



On Magenta, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and the Humax Set Top Box users quickly access all films on Netzkino. Netzkino´s entire program is also available for Microsoft Xbox One game console and Google Chromecast.



10 years ago Netzkino was one of the first providers on the German VOD market, which made feature films available legally for free streaming on YouTube. Today Netzkino is the number 1 in Europe for free films on YouTube with 15 MM Views, 7.5 MM Unique Users and 1.1 MM Subscribers per month.



Mobile Apps
With the Netzkino App for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon, users can legally watch over 2,500 movies for free. With the offline function it is possible to watch movies for 30 days for free even without internet.