The cooperation between Spotfilm Networx and Amazon is entering the next round. In addition to the Netzkino App and the Netzkino Select Channel, Amazon users now also have access to exciting western films with the new BRONCO App.

With just one click, amazon users have now access to numerous western movies, which are available for free in the new BRONCO app. The BRONCO App can be accessed and downloaded directly on the Fire TV Stick. The offered BRONCO Western films can be received by users free of charge and no subscription is necessary. The BRONCO App is also available for the Fire-TV stick and can be downloaded directly to the TV as a smart TV app. With content such as The Shooting (Jack Nicholson), The Wind’s Fierce (Terrence Hill) or Stagecoach (Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson), users get access to exciting and hot Western movies on BRONCO. The new free BRONCO App on Amazon can be found here.


BRONCO is one of the largest advertising-financed Video-on-Demand (AVoD) providers of Western and cowboy movies in the German-speaking world. The Western Channel was created in 2016 from the multi-channel network of Spotfilm Networx GmbH and has established itself over time as a YouTube channel with over 10 million views. Over the years, BRONCO has developed into a cross-platform Western Channel, which, in addition to the YouTube channel and website, is also available as an app on the video-on-demand portals, Funke, Zattoo and now also on Amazon.